International Transformation Foundation is a youth-led, non-profit organization that provides youth leadership and entrepreneurship programs to harness creativity in the youth and provide a system that provides jobs to ensure security, opportunities to grow and contributes to the development of communities.

Founded in 2010, ITF is fueled on the stimulus of molding the youth of today as leaders of strong heart and mind and as true workers of the society with progressive thinking.

Our projects are centered on these four thematic areas:


    We are committed towards ensuring that the youth and communities expand their ability to succeed and advance through provision of resources and opportunities including jobs, financial services etc.


    ITF’s Join the Pipe project involves implementation of a clean drinking water system with interventions aimed at ensuring access to water, conservation of the environment through promotion of reusable water bottles and sustainability of drinking water service delivery.


    We work with communities and schools to ensure that children remain in school instead of traveling long distances in search of clean drinking water while at the same time teaching them basic business management skills through a sustainable drinking water service delivery system.


    To thrive in a fast-changing world, one of ITF’s strategies is to partner with youth-friendly organizations around the world on collaborative projects that achieve mutual goals.

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Jijenge Kijana Fund

The Jijenge Kijana fund is a youth livelihood pathway offering micro-credit and micro-saving training enabling ITF members to engage in productive and stable livelihoods to generate increased income to lift them out of poverty.

A Water Kiosk at School

This is a school-based and students-managed business designed to sell clean tap water to community residents at an affordable price; a sustainable business model that pre-finances a community school in order to set up an on-site water kiosk with specially designed and sustainable products.

Bottle Bike

A bottle bike is used to earn income for schools within our Join the Pipe Project. This is by selling reusable water bottles at an affordable price to the community. It also serves as an income earner to the vendor who is preferably a youth.

Public Drinking Water Station

This project seeks to collaborate with different governments in cities across Africa to build drinking tap stations in major public hotspots such as parks, bus stations and popular walkways. This project is suitable for urban centers where tap water is available.

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A youth to youth empowerment to be able to identify issues of primary concern to them; to develop and implement youth owned strategies to face youth challenges.

ITF offers new opportunities to youth to empower their goal, means influence and impact on the lives of our beneficiaries as well as our members. Person can join us many ways. We invite you to contribute towards this path of both youth and community development.




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ITF Celebrates 1st AGM and Volunteer's Reunion in Style

Saturday, 28th January 2016 was a special day for ITF as former and current volunteers from 2010 to 2017 gathered at Hotel Green Court Nairobi for the first ever annual general meeting and volunteer’s reunion party.



ITF-Launches 1st JTP drinking tap water station in Uhuru Park

A huge milestone for ITF as we launched the first ever Join the Pipe drinking tap water Station at Uhuru Park.



ITF Wins the Saville Foundation Pan-African Awards

ITF wins The Saville Foundation Pan-African awards for entrepreneurship-in Education.