1 Slum 100 Computers

We are receiving applications for Youth business funding.

Computer Project class 2

The 1 Slum 100 Computers project is a program providing free computer training and entrepreneurship mentoring for disadvantaged youths in Eastern Nairobi slums and informal settlements, in a session of 6 months to design a profitable computer based business.
At completion of the training and mentorship, each group then receives a loan package of basic equipments worth not exceeding Ksh. 250,000, respectively to their designed business plan.

Basic Requirements:
1. Be a newly formed or existing youth group with 5-10 members available and willing to participate in the program.
2. Participating members must be of age 18-28 years.
3. Living in Eastern Nairobi slums or informal settlements.
4. Shown integrity and accountability character in the community.
5. Atleast 2 group members have basic computer understanding.
6. Subscription fee of K.shs 300 per group member. It can be paid during training but atleast 3 group members should have paid it upon the application date.