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International Transformation Foundation famously know as ITF is an internationally Youths led nonprofit organization; on principles of stimulus and inspiration for change and transformation of youths for individual achievement, providing Youth educational and self development programs encompassing leadership & entrepreneurship. With Coordination Secretariat in Nairobi-Kenya.

Urgent Cause

The Kahawa West Community Library & Resource Centre

Kahawa West is home to about 40,000 people, many of whom are impoverished and/or illiterate. The Kahawa West Community Library & Resource Center will operate as community hub, serving as a one-stop resource for educational materials and books, literacy education, computer training, internet access, and even community meetings.

Ksh. 322,414 Ksh Raised / Ksh. 1, 577,290 Needed


Cause List


In 2014 we built 5 water kiosks benefiting 1262 school kids and 32000 general community residents. We provided computer training and entrepreneurship mentorship to 3 youth groups (with 10 members each).  In 2015 we will continue give computer training and entrepreneurship mentoring and finance at least six (6) youth’s associations to set computer based business in eastern Nairobi slums with 1 slum 100 Computers project. We will  build eight (8) water kiosks with Join the Pipe project for people to drink clean water whenever possible and endeavour to set up The kahawa west community library and resource centre, a project that we fell short in 2014 raising financial need to realize despite many other organizational partners and individual material contributions.

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